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Gruppo Franza is a holding company operating in the shipping, real estate, tourism and hotel, industrial and telecommunications sectors.

Founded in Messina in 1950 by engineer Giuseppe Franza, it has more than 1,300 employees and an annual turnover of over €240 million. With a widespread presence throughout the local area and several joint ventures developed over the years with Aedes, NH Hotel, Orient Express, Belmond, Lindbergh and more recently with Bertone Design and the Falkensteiner Group, Gruppo Franza is the ideal partner for anyone wanting to invest in Sicily.

A Holding, a Group, a Family

A Holding, a Group, a Family

We are a family business with a firm belief in dialogue and cooperation between stakerholders.

A business that loves to invest in its local area, so as to create value for the communities it works with and the partners it cooperates with, paying the utmost attention to the sustainability of each project.