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Everything you could need

Everything you could need

Thanks to its decade of experience in the real estate sector, Gruppo Franza is able to cope with any project requirement, relying on specialised professionals in the construction, industrial, legal, administrative and marketing fields.

Industry brands

GF Building

Business unit specialising in the construction, renovation and conversion of real estate, offices, industrial buildings, commercial and tourist facilities, hotels and resorts. Having always stood out by carrying out complex building and plant engineering works with high technological content, it likes to take care of each project down to the smallest detail, respecting delivery deadlines, safety standards and the confidentiality of the data processed.

GF Building

Its activities include:

● Implementation and management of contracts from public and private entities for the construction of civil, industrial and monumental buildings;

● Restoration work on buildings of particular architectural merit;

● Construction, conversion and modernisation of hotel, tourist resort or mixed residential and sports facilities;

● General contractor for the design and implementation of building renovations with the application of the super bonus, eco bonus, seismic bonus and façade bonus schemes.

Neptunia S.p.A.

In 2004, the joint venture with the investment company Aedes Group resulted in the foundation of Neptunia S.p.A., the owner of most of Gruppo Franza’s real estate assets, with a vast property portfolio including banks, shopping centres, care homes and supermarkets with an occupancy rate of about 95%.