A wealth of knowledge

At the service of its own development

At the service of its own development

From the very beginning, Gruppo Franza has always placed great emphasis on the proper management of its companies. Distinguishing itself in every area of operation by being supported by the best professionals in the field, over the years it has increasingly internalised these resources, putting them at the service of its own development, so as to continue to interact with first-rate entities in the consulting sector.

Industry brands

GF Consulting

A service structure operating on the staff of the holding company Tourist Ferry Boat S.p.A. that ensures all the main support activities for the Group’s business units, such as:

● Corporate governance
● Financing
● Cost control and architecture of management control systems and strategic planning
● Structuring extraordinary transactions
● Advisory services in the field of subsidised finance
● Administrative and fiscal management.

GF Property & Facility Management

Unit specialising in the development and management of real estate assets and their related trading activities.

The Property Management business deals with the management of every aspect of a real estate property, on behalf of the owner.

A professional figure capable of providing support of an administrative or logistical nature, which is of fundamental importance when the owner cannot deal directly with the property due to being unfamiliar with it or too far away from it.

GF Property & Facility Management

All-round management

Facility management, on the other hand, deals with all those secondary tasks related to the building, such as technical support, structural services, coordination of space and human resources.

An integrated approach that aims to ensure the reliability, operation and usability of the building structure.