Sicilian avant-garde

In line with progress

In line with progress

Our innate propensity for the future and technological innovation has led us to invest with conviction in wireless technologies, as tools that can bring Sicily into line with the technological standards present in the rest of Europe; reducing the digital divide between those who have full access to information technology and those who are excluded due to the poor quality of the infrastructure.

Industry brands


The only Sicilian telecommunications operator, Mandarin aims to provide communication services for the domestic and foreign markets through high-speed internet services based on the 5G standard.

From cable to wireless, from landlines to mobile, from voice services to machine-to-machine, Mandarin’s goal is to create unique technology products and solutions designed to transform critical situations into new contexts for development and growth.


Joint venture with solid roots

In 2017, Mandarin became a founding partner in the Open Hub Med consortium, a company launching cloud and data centre services in the former Italtel area of Palermo.

Through Open Hub Med, Mandarin has successfully launched a business continuity and cyber security offering, opening the door to SD-WAN intelligent network solutions, and has consolidated its position in the service sector with the development of network management service provider solutions.