No feat is impossible

Eco-sustainable by nature

Eco-sustainable by nature

Having always been sensitive to environmental issues, even in the ‘industrial sector’, Gruppo Franza is committed to pursuing business models in line with the principles of the circular economy on a daily basis, investing enthusiasm and resources in virtuous projects such as ESI.

Industry brands

ESI S.p.A.

The ESI plant has a production process for the recovery of spent lead accumulators aimed at producing pure lead (99.98%) and lead in alloys according to UNI standards, or according to specifications agreed upon with customers.

Thanks to continuous improvement and research, over the years, the company has moved from a classic lead recovery system with a pyrometallurgical process to the development of a lead sulphate carbonation cycle, capable of steadily reducing both the production of slag and the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere.

ESI S.p.A.

A responsible transformation

The latest process currently being tested, and soon to be industrialised, involves a hydrometallurgical cycle called ‘AWALERE’, which enables the direct transformation of lead sulphate and lead oxides, components of ‘Lead Paste’, into metallic lead with a purity level of 99.98%, without desulphurisation or heat treatment.

This will help reduce use of the smelting furnace by 90%, reduce furnace slag production by 97.5%, ensure the total recovery of spent battery electrolyte and consequently reduce the environmental impact.